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3 Amazing Innovations In Aspheric Lens Manufacturing

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Are you in the astronomy or biology fields? Maybe you’re a medical researcher, a surgeon, or a photographer. If you are in any of these industries, you will be very interested to know about the new innovations in aspheric lenses that are just coming onto the market. The aspheric lens industry has undergone some fascinating changes in the past couple of years. These innovations are taking off in the marketplace, making it an exciting time for aspheric lens manufacturers and those who use these lenses in their jobs. Read More»

Changing Focus: Key Considerations When Looking At Industrial Process Control Cyber Security

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Industrial processes have reached new heights due to the advantages offered by computer technology and the increased sophistication of systems. However, these benefits also bring along potential dangers; industrial process controls are more vulnerable to outside cyber attacks than ever before. Information technology (IT) professionals have long dealt with securing networks and protecting data; however, the protection of computer-controlled industrial processes is still a relatively new area of study. Computer-controlled processes place different demands upon the IT professional, and that’s why it is important for them to readjust their thinking when working in the industrial environment. Read More»