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Winter Shed Storage: 4 Benefits Of Using Green Spray Foam Products

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Backyard sheds are ideal for storing items through the winter. Even though the sheds can help protect items from poor weather, cold air can still easily seep into the shed. If you want more protection from cold temperatures, then you may want to consider using green spray foam products. Green spray foam is environmentally friendly and comes with a lot of other benefits when it is used in a backyard shed. Learning about these benefits can help you chose the spray foam and the best application methods.

Pests & Critters

A shed is not only great for winter storage options, but it can act as a temporary home for a number of pests and critters. To help avoid the presence of mice, rats, and other animals, you can use green spray foam products. Green spray foam will completely coat the walls, base, and ceiling of your shed. Once the foam dries and expands, all of the holes and air openings on the shed will be completely covered up. This will help prevent any type of animal from getting into your shed. When you go to gather your things in the spring, you will not have to deal with any unwanted guests, nests, or droppings that are taking up space.

Cement Blocks

A number of sheds are mounted on top of cement blocks to keep them raised up and off of the ground. Not only can green spray foam be used on your shed, but it can be used to fill cement blocks. This will help with the climate control of your shed and also help add more stability to the blocks that the shed are standing on. The spaces between the cement blocks can also act as an attractant to pests. Filling them will add even more protection to your shed from unwanted animals.

Summer Inflatables

A winter shed is often used to store all types of inflatables. This includes pool floats, basketballs, kick balls, and other recreational items. When these items are exposed to the cold air, they can lose air and must be filled every time that spring comes around. Help prevent too many air leaks by using green spray foam. It will help keep the shed as warm as possible and prevent items from losing too much air or becoming too warped. The spray foam can get applied to all of the sides of the shed. This also includes areas around the edges of a window. Window areas are one of the most areas prone to air leaks. Adding the foam around it will help keep the cold air out.

Winter Melt-off & Leaks

After a long winter, your backyard shed can become an area that is prone to a lot of moisture. When snow melts and drips off the sides of a shed, you may find that water starts seeping through and causing problems to the items on the inside. This is especially for sheds that are old and worn. Too much water and moisture can cause a lot of damage like rusting. Green spray foam not only helps with cold temperatures, but it can make a huge difference when it comes to helping to prevent moisture and water leaks inside of a shed. As the spray foam is applied, it will expand and fill in any cracks that appear in the shed. This can offer instant protection that will last for multiple years. You can store all types of items in the shed without worrying about snow, ice, or rain causing problems.

There are a number of spray foam products available for home owners. You can chose to apply these items yourself or to hire a contractor, such as those at SPRAY FOAM DISTRIBUTORS, to apply the products for you.