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Why Commercial Boilers Are The Go-To Heating Appliance In Commercial Settings

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When you work as a janitor in a commercial building, and your building's old heating system needs replacing, do you  know what to purchase as a replacement?  If you are like most janitors/custodians, you first get permission from the boss to spend money to replace the main heating appliance. Then you set out to purchase a commercial boiler, because that is the go-to heating appliance in commercial settings. Here is why commercial boilers are the first choice in these situations.

They Heat Rapidly and Efficiently

Boilers burn a little fuel, but they generate a LOT of heat. When you have to heat a large commercial building, you need an appliance that makes the whole building toasty warm, and that is exactly what commercial boilers do.They are very large machines, but they are very efficient in their operations.

They Keep Humidity Levels Comfortable

Heating and cooling spaces for human comfort requires a certain amount of knowledge in regards to humidity. Too much humidity makes things uncomfortable inside. Too little humidity and people end up with dry nasal passages and bloody noses or itchy, dry skin and brittle hair. A commercial boiler is ideal because it heats the entire building while simultaneously providing the perfect humidity levels. 

Boilers Last a Really Long Time

A new, well-maintained boiler can last between twenty and thirty years, just long enough for you to finish your career an retire-- almost. They are very solid machines, made of steel and steel components, which do not rust or  corrode. As long as there are no pressure leaks (which can be caught during routine maintenance), a boiler will provide your building with many years of heating comfort.

Boilers Are Easy to Maintain

As your building's janitor, you can maintain the exterior components of the boiler easily. As for interior components, an HVAC contractor can come by quarterly or semi-annually to check and maintain interior components of the boiler. If you get a contractor that likes to "teach" while he/she works, then you can learn more about maintaining the interior components of the boiler as well.

Ready to Buy and Install a Commercial Boiler?

If you are ready to buy and install a new commercial boiler in your building, call a few commercial HVAC contractors for pricing. Then purchase the commercial boiler that fits your boss's budget, and have the contractor install it. Typically, the old heating system will be removed by the same contractor on the same day as the installation of the new boiler.

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