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Setting Up A High-Tech Gate For Your Newly Built Community

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As a builder, it is your responsibility to attract buyers to your community. Many buyers are interested in buying the most upgraded homes possible in safe neighborhoods, no matter their price range. One of the best things that you can do to keep a neighborhood safe is to install a gate from a company such as Incom Inc around the community. Before you go through with a gate installation, there are certain accessories and equipment that go best with upgraded homes. Here are three extras that you want for your community gate. 

A touchscreen viewer

Most old school gates will have a call box that allows guests and residents to dial a number or a code to try to enter. Instead of the older school call box, install a touchscreen interface. This will give residents and their guests easier ability to scroll or call without having to lean out of their car and press hard. In the interface, insert video calling so that the person being called can stream a video of the person asking to get in. This will make the neighborhood safer because residents and their children will only let in anyone that they know. 

Install a high, wrought iron fence

Wrought iron fencing is often seen as the pinnacle of upscale fencing. This type of fencing often looks smooth and polished and can be host to a number of different designs. Have a gate building company create a design that is specific to your community so that your community brand is identifiable for residents. Be sure that the fence is tall and polished. A good fence that is above six feet tall and is smooth means that climbing or scaling the fence will be difficult for adults or children. The bars should also be close together so that pets, such as cats and dogs, cannot slip out of the community fencing. 

Have an upgraded guard stand

Though the community may not have a guard at all times, it is a good option to offer. Homeowners associations can request a guard for the gate if the gate has an appropriate guard post at the fence. Be sure that the guard stand has video cameras that are around the community and the ability to dial any community homeowner at the push of a button. The guard should have the ability to close or open the gate at any time, including keeping the gate open to allow a caravan of cars to come in if necessary. The guard post should be equipped with good LED lighting, a restroom, and air conditioning and heating against the elements.